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www.pinoyconnect.com is a platform designed for connecting Filipinos and non-Filipinos worldwide. Anyone in the entertainment industries, such as actors, actresses, models, directors, producers, concert and event organizers, or anyone who wants to advertise, is welcome. The term “Pinoy Connect” is highly marketable and holds a top-ranking search position in various search engines. We are actively seeking four credible and trustworthy investors ready to commit for durations ranging from 1 to 5 years or even longer, depending on their preference. Investors’ pictures will be featured at the bottom of the website under ‘Investors,’ with clickable links redirecting visitors to their business websites. Each visit to www.pinoyconnect.com provides valuable exposure for our investors. There is also a menu named ‘Investors’ in the navigation menu. You may also choose to subscribe and post your business for sale, for rent, and many more while we are adding more features. This platform holds substantial value, and we are continually adding more features to enhance interactivity for the benefit of all investors, subscribers, and many more. Please feel free to message us, specifying the duration you wish to advertise and attach your photo to become a part of this promising platform. The advertising cost is determined by the duration you choose, which we’ll reveal in our response to your email or messages. The payment gateway is below. Let’s all unite and support each other and Let’s Pinoy Connect!


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